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Moon sextile Neptune

Picking up on subtle vibes

Kelli Fox

Though you might feel daydreamy and romantic today, you're still grounded enough to reach out to someone special and make a connection. You want to get to know someone on a heart level today, and you're in a wonderful space to do it. Your intuitions are humming, giving you clear reads on other people.

You'll pick up on all the right signals, even the most subtle ones, and the picture you draw of that special someone should be accurate. The perfect date today will take you to another realm of the imagination, so go out with your potential sweetie to a movie or an art gallery, or spend time with children, listening to their stories and trying to follow the paths of their minds. You will have the tendency to idealize that special someone, so try to balance it with your acute psychic abilities. If you get a bad feeling about someone, don't contact them. At least wait a week or so to see if you're still feeling the same reservations. If you get a good feeling about someone, you can trust it. You're picking up on subtle vibes, and your mind and heart are both attuned to possibilities for love and connection.

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