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Moon sextile Mercury

Emotionally communicative

Kelli Fox

You're a wonderful communicator during this period, so you should feel good about getting in touch with someone special. Regardless of your mood, you'll connect with a potential sweetie smoothly, and you'll impress them with your kindness and your quick ability to understand them on an emotional level. You'll talk quickly and easily with this person about your feelings, which will make both of you feel like you're connected at a deep level, even early on -- perhaps before you even meet!

If you're normally more reserved than that, you should take advantage of this transit, because it opens up both your mind and your heart and enables you to reach out and touch someone in an emotionally intimate way. You'll also put their emotions into words well, so even if you don't make a lasting romantic connection during this period, you could make a new friend who will come to you for advice and commiseration, because you'll be so understanding, so perceptive of their feelings and their trials and tribulations. Don't be surprised if you two stay up late talking on the phone or exchanging emails in which you explore your pasts, your hopes for the future and your present emotions.

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