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Moon sextile Mars

Exercising the heart along with the body

Kelli Fox

If you go out with someone new during this transit, you should definitely get physical with them. No, not that kind of physical! Do something sporty together -- work out at the gym, take a canoe or kayak out on the river, go hiking in the mountains or race Go-Karts at the track...

You've got a lot of energy now, and you're in a really upbeat frame of mind. Your emotions are very closely connected right now with your physical self, so you should get out there and use your body, your mind and your heart all at the same time. You'll feel much better for it if you exercise all three at once. You're likely to attract similarly dynamic, upbeat types during this period, so don't be surprised if you engage in some friendly competition with them. You'll turn each other on both physically and mentally, and neither one of you will be scared of a challenge! But you won't be aggressive with your potential sweetie-pie; even if you win every game of pool or tennis you two play together, you'll be sensitive to their feelings and their mood, and the friendly level of competition between you will just heighten the pleasant sensual tension that will be created by this energy.

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