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Moon sextile Jupiter

A very sunny outlook

Kelli Fox

Making contact with someone new at this time will feel like a revelatory experience for both of you, because your hearts and minds will connect with unusual ease. You'll feel the spontaneous bond between you, like two hearts leaping together! You'll already be in a great mood during this period -- happy and content, ready for a good time with friends or maybe someone new -- but making a connection with a potential sweetheart will boost your spirits even more.

You'll feel optimistic, as if you already know this could turn into something really special. With that in mind, there's no need to rush things if you do go out on a date or make that first contact. You can just enjoy this period of getting to know each other, and linger in this pleasant space together. You'll feel well understood by this new person, in a way that both soothes and excites your soul, but it's not necessarily that they're so different and amazing -- it's that you're in touch with yourself on a deep level during this period, and you're more able than usual to speak from the heart about the things that matter most to you. Your outlook is very sunny, so get out of the house with someone special.

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