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Moon opposite Venus

Unconscious feelings at work

Kelli Fox

This is not a good day to get involved with someone new, because you'll unconsciously choose someone who can teach you what you need to learn emotionally. Now, that might not sound like such a bad thing, but it won't be a lot of fun. And isn't romance supposed to be fun?

Unless you want to spend your evening learning from your lover all about your own unconscious emotions and how they're limiting your life and potential, you might do best to just spend the night at home until this transit passes. Instead of getting involved with someone who's going to push all your buttons, you should take some me-time and use it to get in touch with yourself. Do some journaling, if you're interested in exploring your emotions and learning more about who you are under the surface, or just read a book, watch a romantic movie, paint an abstract painting of the human heart. Doing something creative will open your heart up again to the wonder of love, and that's what you'll be lacking during this period. If you notice that you're moodier than usual at this time, definitely don't go out with someone new; they could get right under your skin.

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