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Moon opposite Sun

Ready to react

Kelli Fox

Your emotions are stimulated during this period, and probably not in a good way. You're feeling touchy and oversensitive, ready to react against anything and everything. Under the surface, what's going on during this transit is that you're aware of your emotional limitations.

You don't feel bulletproof, and you're overly self-protective as a result. If you've recently gotten involved with someone new, you might feel in every cell of your body how tenuous the connection is, and how easy it would be to break it. So don't do anything rash or silly! Try not to say anything you'll regret tomorrow or the next day, no matter how hard that might be. Now, on a lighter note, this transit could be beneficial to you, despite its difficulties. Emotional upsets are signs that either internal growth needs to happen, or it's in the process of occurring. For you, during this transit, it probably means that the growth is occurring. It could definitely be uncomfortable. Your best bet is to be by yourself today, and nurse your hurt feelings. You can get together with that special someone again when you're feeling more stable, more yourself.

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