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Moon opposite Saturn

Facing your shortcomings

Kelli Fox

Anyone you get involved with now is likely to take on the role of an authority figure in your life -- which doesn't have to be a bad thing, because you could learn a lot. However, it might not be the most fun lesson you've ever had. If you're looking for a good, lighthearted time on a date, today's not a good time to make that happen, because you're unconsciously going to be attracted to people who have a lot to teach you.

This could actually be a difficult period of facing up to yourself, your own shortcomings and your limitations. You might feel a dip in your self-esteem because you're very conscious of your flaws. You might even get into negative self-talk, telling yourself that you're never going to find someone special who will treat you right. Well, not with that attitude, you won't! At least not today. This transit presents you with an opportunity to learn more about yourself and what kind of partner you need, but it won't be an easy time. Your best bet is to stay away from dating and making new connections for a day or two until you're more in touch with your own strengths as a human being and as a lover.

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