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Moon opposite Pluto

A war of emotions

Kelli Fox

Wait on getting intimately involved with someone now, because you're not operating on the surface level during this short transit. While it's good to dig deep, your emotions will cloud your perceptions, and could cause you to twist things up in your mind. You might get very intensely attracted to someone at this time, and then pull out all the stops in getting them all wrapped up in you -- including emotional manipulation, if need be.

Part of the problem is that your feelings just aren't trustworthy during this influence. You might be really into someone one minute, and the next, you'll feel almost repulsed by them. Or you could feel both ways at once, and not know which impulse to follow. And if you think that's a confusing state for you to be in, think about what it's like for the object of your desires (or the object of your revulsion?)! Better to just stay on your own for a day or two until you get your head a little more sorted out. Otherwise, you might ruin a perfectly good connection by being wishy-washy, possessive, controlling and manipulative. Wow -- none of those are good for a budding relationship, much less an established one. Just hold off for a day or two!

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