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Moon opposite Neptune

Up on a cloud

Kelli Fox

If you were to go out with someone now, or make contact with them, you would run the danger of misreading their signals and misleading yourself as to their personality and their intentions. This could happen in either direction -- you might think they're ready for a commitment, or at least to move to the next level, and really, they're still feeling out the situation, unsure of whether they want to go forward with you or not. Or, maybe they're really into you and they know they want to get to know you better, but you misread their signals and you think they don't like you at all!

Either way it goes, it will be hard for you to figure out what's really going on, and who is good or bad for you. You're just not in a clear head space, and during this transit, you'll tend to idealize people and situations. Instead of facing the disappointment when you come down off your cloud and realize that this person really isn't as wonderful as you'd made them out to be, you might instead just take this day off. Take some alone time for yourself, and do something creative to put your dreamy thoughts to good use. Then, when you're more clear-headed, get back into the fray of the dating world!

Moon opposite Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

Moon opposite Neptune in the Transit Chart

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  1. Amy on July 8, 2018 at 11:26 am

    What is this aspect like in the natal chart?

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