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Moon opposite Mercury

Projecting the past onto the present

Kelli Fox

This is not the best time to contact someone new, because you won't get a clear read on who they are and what they want out of you. Instead, if you go on a date or even just speak with someone on the phone, you'll operate from a place that's in your own mind instead of from the present situation. You'll project all kinds of things onto this new person that just won't be accurate; maybe you'll unconsciously try to act out an old love relationship, or maybe you'll take a couple of cues sent out by this new person and put them together to make a picture of who they are that's just wrong.

Aside from how difficult it will be to get to know this person as a result, it's also just unfair to them. Dating and romance are such a tricky business, and we all want to feel seen, heard and understood by the object of our desires. You're probably better off waiting until this transit has passed to get in touch with a potential sweetie, because if you get together with them now, you'll do them the disservice of failing to see and hear who they really are. instead of interacting with them, you'll be reacting to someone that lives in your past or your subconscious mind.

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