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Moon opposite Mars

Pushing your buttons

Kelli Fox

If you go out with someone now, or even if you just exchange emails with them or talk on the phone, it might not go far. You're touchy and moody, and your buttons are very easily pushed during this period. Someone could step on your toes without even realizing it; from their end, it'll all seem fine one second, and the next, you're either annoyed with them or just cold and distant.

Why ruin what could be a really nice connection with someone? Instead of putting yourself -- and them -- through all that, you might want to just stay in and nurse your wounds for a day or two until this troublesome energy blows over. Writing in a journal, recording your dreams or doing something similarly personal and creative could really help, because it will reveal whatever the underlying issue is to you. You're dealing with some old, unconscious hurts during this period, and that's why you're so sensitive, even if you don't realize it. Bringing that pain out into the open will definitely help the moodiness go away faster, and you could really grow as a person if you're able to confront some old emotional wounds that are ready to be healed.

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