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Moon conjunct Venus

In the mood for romance

Kelli Fox

You're feeling loving, attractive and creative now, and you'll make a great impression on that special someone if you get in touch or go out on a date. You could even make a really deep, lasting connection during this period, because you've got such a kind, sweet and caring touch with everyone you meet. If you're attracted to someone who's got a few emotional issues they need to deal with, you could actually help them feel better and stronger.

We're not talking glaring emotional problems, here; don't misunderstand! It's not your responsibility or in your best interests to try to repair someone who's emotionally broken. But if you go out with someone who's just a bit shy or insecure, you'll really put them at ease, and you'll be able to draw them out of their shell and open them up to talking with you like a friend. You're also feeling romantic at this time, and your creative mind will dream up wonderful, unique ways to get in touch with your potential sweetheart. Whether you send flowers, write a love poem in an email or take them out for a candlelit dinner in a canoe under the stars, you'll really make an impression on them!

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