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Moon conjunct Uranus

Unpredictable emotions

Kelli Fox

Your emotions might be all over the place during this period, so if you get together with a love interest, you shouldn't necessarily trust your reaction to them, whether positive or negative. You're just not in your normal head space, and to act on your emotions during this period would be a highly inexact science. You're probably feeling rebellious, so your tendency will be to feel restricted by that special someone, even if up till now you've been really happy with your interactions and the way things are going.

You're unpredictable right now, even to yourself! For that reason, this is a time to try to have a good time, but don't make any decisions one way or another about your potential sweetie. Don't do or say anything to them that will end the relationship -- or imply a commitment. either! Better yet, you might want to stay away from the dating scene for a couple of days until this transit passes. Just hang out with your friends, the people who know you well enough to know you're just in a mood that will pass soon. Otherwise, you might make the wrong impression on someone who could have been very special to you.

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