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Moon conjunct Saturn

Down in the dumps

Kelli Fox

Something is really weighing heavily on your mind today, and you won't be the best company -- especially not for someone who doesn't know you well. You're just preoccupied with a feeling of sadness or depression, or even guilt. Something from your past is coming back again in a big way, and making you feel down in the dumps.

You might even feel scared, full of irrational fear. You might have nightmares when you sleep, and when you're awake, you just feel gloomy, pessimistic or anxious. So instead of pushing yourself out there into the dating game, where you'd almost certainly make the wrong impression on your potential sweetie, you should take some me-time to try to figure out what's going on in your head. What images or feelings are coming to you during this period? What do you feel guilty about, or afraid of? Whatever it is, it's probably something that was put on you by someone else -- your parents, maybe. Whatever happened in your past, no matter how traumatic it might have been, you're strong enough to deal with it now. And if you do deal with it, you'll be a better, stronger partner for your future sweetheart.

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