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Moon conjunct Pluto

Don't jump in too fast

Kelli Fox

You might get involved with someone very compelling during this transit, someone who really turns you on at a deep level and excites you down to your core. But they could also disturb you as well. They might push your boundaries and bring up some unexpectedly intense emotions in you.

You might feel the urge to get serious with them, fast; even if you just make first contact with them or go out on that first date, things will move along on the fast track and you could end up in over your head. Be careful that you're not the one that becomes too intense, too fast. If you get possessive of someone just because you feel this incredible bond with them right off, they might try to shove you off out of pure rebelliousness. No one likes to be held down or kept back, right? Not you, and not your potential sweetie. If you think you're connecting at a deep level, you still don't know this person, and some caution would be a really good idea. Instead of jumping in heart-first, take your time with anyone you get involved with during this short transit. Reach out to them, by all means, but wait to make any decisions about how deep you want to go with them.

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