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Moon conjunct Neptune

Living in a dream

Kelli Fox

While you might feel overwhelmed by love and attraction today, it's not a good day to try to push for anything official with your potential sweetie, like a commitment. Don't even ask them for a statement of their feelings or intentions, because you might not like what you hear. You're not operating on all six cylinders, so to speak; in fact, you're not even driving anything as mundane or practical as a car.

You're up somewhere on a cloud, dreaming of love and togetherness. If you've been getting to know someone special, or if someone has caught your eye, this transit could make you think you've found The One. And hey -- maybe you have. But just take your own perceptions with a grain of salt. You might not be dealing with this new person in any realistic sense; you could be projecting onto them all the needs and desires that live within your soul. The thing is, you're in a sentimental mood at this time, and you are probably not living fully in the present. You could be recalling an old, sweet love, and looking to relive those feelings with someone -- anyone -- new. You might want to wait until you're more forward-focused to make contact with that special someone.

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