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Moon conjunct Mercury

A muddied perspective

Kelli Fox

You could be subject to some distorted thinking during this period. Unless you've already dealt with past conditioning, something from your past, probably in the way you were brought up, will come back to you now and influence the way you look at the world, making you operate in a way that's just not you; not really. If you find yourself rejecting someone because you think they're not suitable for you, it could be your parents -- especially your mother -- speaking through your mouth!

Or if you find yourself going on a date with someone that you wouldn't normally be attracted to, it could be the same thing. You should be in touch with your true self and feelings when you're playing the dating game, not operating under some nebulous, deep-rooted influence from your past. On the other hand, if you've already dealt with these issues, this could be a period of heightened intuition and emotional sensitivity. But since a clear perspective will be hard to come by during this time, you might be better off waiting until your head clears. Otherwise, you could get the wrong impression of someone special.

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