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Moon conjunct Mars

Stewing in your own juices

Kelli Fox

It's normal to feel both passionate and emotional during this transit, a combination that leads to increased libido. Repressed anger could also become an issue for you during this transit, and if you're trying to get to know someone new, that could definitely color your interactions with them in a way that's unpleasant for both of you. You'll feel touchy and irritable, and you'll notice that anything and everything sets you off.

If someone special has caught your eye, you might want to wait till you're on a more even keel to get in touch with them, because right now, you're operating under some strange and emotionally tricky forces. There's something in your past that's bubbling up now to bother you again -- maybe you had a troubled relationship with your parents or with a past lover, and you're feeling all that old angst and upset all over again. The problem is, if someone new comes into your life today, you could deceive yourself into thinking the problem is in them, and not in you. You'd do better to just take the day off to stew in your own juices, and wait until you're feeling more clear-headed, optimistic and accepting to make contact with a potential sweetie.

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