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Moon conjunct Jupiter

When enough is enough

Kelli Fox

You're in an expansive mood, ready to get out into the world and enjoy everything it has to offer you, so this is a great time for a date or for contacting someone new. But a word of caution is in order: You might go a bit overboard in your enjoyment of that special someone. Whether that's a bad thing will remain to be seen, but for example, if you meet someone for drinks, use caution and your best judgment!

It wouldn't be good to go over the deep end, especially on the first date. Similarly, don't let your good mood convince you that it's OK to go out to a fancy, expensive dinner when you can't really afford it, or worse, to place too much importance on these expansive, special feelings you're having. This is the kind of transit that might convince you to elope with someone you'd only just met! Take your time in getting to know a potential sweetie, and just enjoy the fact that you're having a great time with someone new. Beyond the potential pitfalls of this period, you're likely to have a great time mingling and chatting, so get out into the world -- don't stay home and waste this wonderful energy.

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