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Mercury trine Jupiter

Enjoy yourself

Kelli Fox

You've got a great attitude during this transit for dating and finding love. You're feeling optimistic about the future, and confident in your abilities to attract someone special -- as well you should. You're charming and funny now, talkative and expressive, and your natural intelligence is easily conveyed.

You might even be feeling so on a high that you'll feel a bit intellectually superior to the people around you -- but don't let yourself fall into that trap. This is too nice of an influence to waste it on feelings of superiority. After all, you're smart, but you don't know all there is to know about the world. Getting to know someone special will take you a step closer to that knowledge, however! Reach out to someone who seems unique and unusual; your mind will be blown by their perspective on life. You're very communicative at this time, able to reach people at a deep level, so you'll be able to make this person feel seen and heard in a way that's pleasurable to both of you. Most of all, during this period, have fun! You're tuned in to the best parts of life, so enjoy yourself.

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  1. Ells on June 21, 2016 at 4:43 am

    I found this interesting and hopeful that I do meet someone new soon. Even if I can make a friend would be great. The only person I ever truly loved who has always remained in my life and remarried with a child does love me but not willing to let go of where he is. We had a child too and I have also been in a relationship/marriage for many years but was never in love. I respect everyone involved in our lives most importantly the kids and I love them more than anything. I need to find someone new or walk away from a loveless relationship I am in but can’t afford to leave. Complicated but I will never hurt anyone nor make anyone feel as if they have to do anything they do NOT want. I just want to be happy and just want to live my life free and happy and healthy. If someone comes along would be wonderful but I would love to just meet new people and make new friends. Your report has helped guide me so far through good and not so good moments. Thank you!

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