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Mercury trine Juno

Getting intimate with someone special

Kelli Fox

What you want and what you need in a long-term relationship are at one now, and you're very in tune with both. You're primed and ready to reach out to the right person, because you've been looking carefully at all the possibilities, keeping your eyes and heart open for someone you can connect with. If there's someone special on your mind during this 10-day period, by all means, reach out to them and make that contact.

You're likely to be pleasantly surprised at how well your individual personalities mesh, not to mention your needs in love and your visions of a shared future. Any relationship you begin at this time stands a good chance of getting serious in a natural, smooth, comfortable way. You could find your confidant, your rock, the person you'll go to for advice and support and who will come to you for the same things. This is not to say that you'll find The One during this transit, but it certainly ups your chances! You're tuned in to the universe, to yourself and to possibility, and that's a powerful combination of influences. You're ready, willing and able to get intimate with someone special.

Mercury trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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