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Mercury square Sun

A grain of salt

Kelli Fox

This period lasts less than two weeks, which is a good thing -- because it won't be a lot of fun. If you reach out to someone special, you'll find that you keep misunderstanding them and feeling misunderstood yourself. You might even get into arguments if you go out with someone at this time; you'll want to connect, but instead your differences of opinion will feel divisive.

You could feel defensive about your own position, as if you really need to represent your own point of view in a strong and combative way. Under the surface, you're identifying too much with your own feelings, thoughts and perceptions at this time; if someone disagrees with you, it'll feel as if they're rejecting you as a person, even though that's not what's really happening. Obviously, this isn't a great impression to make on someone new; you'll just come across as defensive, combative or whiny if you try to make a good connection with them. And you'll see them as challenging and contrary! You're better off waiting a couple of weeks to contact someone who catches your eye, or at least taking everything they say with a big grain of salt.

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