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Mercury square Mercury

Feeling combative

Kelli Fox

Don't expect to find your mental twin during this period, which, thankfully, will last less than two weeks. Even the people you know well will probably get on your nerves and challenge you! At least, you'll think that's what's happening, when in fact, you're the one who feels argumentative and contrary.

Anyone who presents an opposing opinion to yours will receive an earful from you, so you might do best sticking to your tried-and-true friends during this period instead of reaching out to someone new. You're irritable and easily aroused -- not in the good sense -- and you'll just make the wrong impression. That special someone might not want to contact you again if they get a taste of your combative energy! You're in a head space in which you think yours is the only right way of looking at things, and you might act like someone is stupid or dense for having an alternative viewpoint. Even if you're not feeling argumentative, the energy of this transit might just confuse you. You could have a hard time picking up on someone's obvious signals. This isn't a great time to make a romantic connection; wait a week or two for your head to clear.

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