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Mercury sextile Venus

Articulate your feelings

Kelli Fox

You're in such a harmonious personal space during this transit that you should definitely share the energy with someone special. If someone has caught your eye, reach out to them and trust that your advances will be well-received. After all, you're feeling warm, generous, social and centered.

Any insecurities you might normally have regarding dating or connecting with someone new are soothed during this one-and-a-half-week period. You feel calmly confident, and tuned in to the loving vibes of the universe. You're easily affectionate now, and you'll impress a potential sweetie with your ability and desire to connect with them on a fun yet intimate level. This transit is all about the possibility of love and the expression of your romantic feelings, so if you're feeling strong and sure about someone, go ahead and say so. It could have a great effect, and bump your relationship up to that next level. You're in no mood to argue at this time, so you'll be a great host or date, because you'll smooth over any awkward silence or potentially controversial subject. Feel free to introduce a potential lover to your friends, and get their opinion on this special new person in your life.

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