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Mercury sextile Pluto

Going deep with someone special

Kelli Fox

You want to know everything about that special someone -- every little thing about what makes them tick. You want to know their insecurities as well as their strengths; you want to learn about their past, and how it has shaped them to be who they are today. Anyone who won't let you probe deeply during this transit might not hold your interest for long, because you want to communicate at that deep level with someone.

On the other hand, you'll really love mysteries at this time, so you might be intrigued by someone who refuses to let you in! But you're also highly persuasive, so you'll probably get them to open up sooner than they might have intended. You might even probe until you uncover their deepest, darkest secrets and fears -- good thing this transit is basically benign and beneficial! At the end of all this soul-exploration, you could feel really close with your potential sweetie, because you've gotten so intimate so fast. They could even start to rely on you for advice and support, because suddenly you'll know them so well, and all their limitations. Make sure that if you start something at this time, you're genuinely interested in seeing it through.

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