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Mercury sextile Juno

A vision of a shared future

Kelli Fox

Send that email, make that phone call, reach out and connect with the one you're attracted to -- because this is the perfect time to do it, especially if you're serious about finding someone you'll match up well with long-term. You're tuned in now to finding that special someone, and you're willing to talk openly about your likes and dislikes, your wants, needs and desires, in the name of getting closer to someone special. Even if your communications with a potential sweetie lead you to end the budding relationship, you'll be fine with that, because you'll know that you're that much closer to finding The One.

You'll say goodbye in a graceful way and move on to the next person who's caught your eye. This transit combines great communicative powers with a sleek, smooth and personal sense of what you want in a love affair, and you'll probably be surprised at how easily you connect with someone at an intense level. Be open about your feelings now; if you're falling for someone, let them know, because they might be waiting and hoping for you to speak up about your intentions and your vision of a shared future.

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