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Mercury opposite Venus

A filter of your own making

Kelli Fox

You'll have a hard time seeing that special someone for who they are during this transit, which lasts less than two weeks -- thank goodness. You're in a head space in which all your romantic ideas about what you're looking for in love, or maybe it's all your insecurities about whether you're ever going to find it, are clouding your mind and your judgment, making it hard for you to look at people and relationships realistically. You might end up projecting whatever it is that you're looking for onto the object of your desires, whether or not it really fits who they are and what their intentions regarding you might be.

Or you might feel down in the dumps, vulnerable and sure it's never going to happen for you...when really there's someone special waiting for you right around the corner. Either way is unfortunate, because you're not seeing reality; you're looking at the world through a filter of your own making. Instead of trying to slog through the mess of your communication and figure out who this person is and what they're looking for in love, you're probably better off just taking a week or so away from the dating game.

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