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Mercury opposite Saturn

A lack of confidence

Kelli Fox

If you're ordinarily a shy, reserved type, you'll really feel that way during this transit, because its energy will increase your fears and insecurities about finding love and will make it harder than usual for you to reach out to someone special. If you do make contact or go out on a date, don't be surprised if neither of you has a great time. You're subconsciously attracted to people now who will uphold the negative way you're seeing yourself.

You'll be drawn to cool, unemotional types who won't make you feel appealing or appreciated. And you'll be this way with them, too; you basically will have a very hard time connecting with anyone in a warm and positive way. This might be a good time to stay home and watch a romantic comedy on DVD, to renew your sense of humor and your faith in finding your match. If you do make contact with someone at this time, remind yourself to be friendly and warm with them! You might even have to fake it, if you can't summon up any honest sensations of excitement or affection. Better yet, just wait a couple of weeks, and make contact then, when you're feeling more like yourself again.

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