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Mercury opposite Pluto

Inappropriate probing

Kelli Fox

You're not your nice, normal self during this transit. It might feel like a monster has taken over your brain, and has turned you into an obsessive, manipulative, argumentative person who can't let well enough alone! You'll act and react almost compulsively; if you go on a date now, you'll intend to be on your best behavior and make a good impression, but you'll descend into obsessive or controlling behaviors without even realizing it.

Sure, you really, really want to make a connection, and an impression. Making an impression won't be the hard part now -- you'll make one, all right. Probably not a great one, however! You'll probe into your potential sweetie's life and heart in a way that could make them feel defensive and self-protective. You'll think you're just trying to get them to open up to you, and you'll forget the fact that it's their prerogative whether they want to open up or not. If they stay closed-mouthed and -hearted, you could resort to criticism or being argumentative in a further attempt to draw them out. Haven't you ever heard that honey draws more flies than vinegar? Sure you have; you just won't be able to be simple and sweet during this period.

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