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Mercury opposite Neptune

Overwhelmed by too much stimuli

Kelli Fox

You're not the best bet in terms of romance during this transit. You might run at the first sign of trouble or conflict with that special someone, and part of the problem will be that you'll probably be making up the conflict in the first place. You're not in the clearest space of mind at this time, and you're very much prone to projecting anything and everything onto your potential sweetie (and everyone else, but that's another story).

You might think things are going awry between you when they're not, and you'll react by heading in the opposite direction instead of sticking in there and trying to communicate about the misunderstanding. You're hypersensitive right now, so you're probably reacting negatively to everything, including imagined slights. Another possibility for this transit is that you're subconsciously attracted to people who won't go the distance with you. When you project your confused, oversensitive feelings onto them, instead of talking to you about it, they'll bolt, leaving you feeling even more confused and easily upset. Lying or being lied to is also a strong possibility at this time; you'd best just lie low till this energy passes in a week or so.

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