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Mercury opposite Mercury

Spoiling for an argument

Kelli Fox

If you find yourself attracted to someone during this week-plus period who stimulates your mind, don't be surprised if that stimulation turns quickly to irritation. It won't even be their fault; you're not in a very communicative mode now, and you might get argumentative when you start to uncover all the ways in which your potential sweetie views the world differently from you. You actually run the risk now of being openly critical of other people, rejecting their ideas and viewpoints as silly or uneducated.

What could start out as a friendly debate could turn ugly if you let yourself be derisive or overly combative. As a matter of fact, you might want to just stick to the people you know well during this transit, because you're not at your mental best. If someone has caught your eye, you've got a better chance of connecting with them in a positive way once this energy clears, because if you go out with them now, you'll just show them your prickly, stubborn, judgmental side. That's not a good first impression to make! So go out with friends, and if you do contact someone new, be nice! Watch what you say, because you could unknowingly come across in a bad way.

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