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Mercury opposite Mars

Hold your own counsel

Kelli Fox

You're probably familiar with the idea that each of us dislikes in other people the qualities that we least like in ourselves. Well, that could really apply to you at this time. You might go through this two-week period feeling like you keep reaching out to people you're interested in, and they keep turning out to be, well, less than you expected!

The likelihood is high that you're actually reacting to qualities in them that you possess yourself. You're basically spoiling for a fight with everyone you come into contact with, and that will include romantic interests and people you don't even know. You're irritable, and anyone's fair game. You're much more impulsive than usual at this time, and you'll say things you don't mean before you're able to catch yourself. At the very least, if you don't pick fights, you'll suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. The best course at this time is to hold your own counsel until this troubling energy blows over. If you do make contact with someone special during this period, try your hardest to stay even-tempered with them. Remind yourself that if they're coming across badly, it's probably just you.

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