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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Troublesome embellishments

Kelli Fox

Sometimes we tell little white lies -- embellishments on the truth, really -- to make ourselves seem more interesting and colorful, more appealing to the person for whom we're embroidering our lives. You'll be very tempted during this week-plus-long transit to do just that, but you should avoid it if at all possible. After all, you're looking for love, for a real relationship.

What happens when you make a great connection with that special someone, you get closer and more intimate with each other, and then they find out that you haven't been completely truthful with them? That can only lead to trouble. Another possibility during this period is that you'll lie to yourself, rather than your potential sweetie; you could tell yourself that this new person you're attracted to is The One, and you could embellish on the picture in your mind of the two of you strolling off happily, hand in hand, into the ever after... And then you'll realize, sooner or later, that it's all in your mind. The person you thought was The One is actually flawed, or confused about what they want, or just not that into you. If you go out during this period, try hard to tell the truth, to yourself and everyone else.

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