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Mercury opposite Juno

Don't make rash judgments

Kelli Fox

Even if you're attracted to someone now, it could be a difficult and ultimately disappointing experience to try to connect with them. You're likely to find that what you want in a long-term romance is very different from their vision of the same thing, and you probably won't be able to match up your ideals. You might not even be able to communicate your needs and desires very well, which could lead to feeling misunderstood by a potential sweetie if they keep misreading what you want and what you're looking for.

On the other hand, you could find exactly what you need in a romantic partner -- but you'll reject it because it won't feel comfortable to you. You could respond by taking a very independent stance, one that's actually too independent for someone who's looking for connection! The best advice you could follow during this tricky transit is not to make any rash moves or judgments about anyone, one way or another. If someone catches your eye but then starts to seem an unlikely prospect for your romantic future, don't write them off completely. There will be plenty of time later to say goodbye if it turns out that you really are mismatched.

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