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Mercury conjunct Venus

A way with words

Kelli Fox

Anyone who catches your eye during this 10-day transit will appeal to you first on a physical level and then an intellectual one. You're in the mood to make a connection and you're tuned in to beauty, both the kind that's skin-deep and the kind that goes beneath the surface. You have a way with words at this time, so take advantage!

If you're attracted to someone, let them know with a well-penned love poem, an email that reveals your feelings or even a creative project that you make just for them. You'll also have some great conversations during this time, so even if you're not feeling ready to make a statement of your feelings, it's still a good time to go out and have fun with someone new, or make that first contact. You'll make a good impression, because you're feeling so tuned in to pleasure and romance. Make sure you don't get caught up in the mood so much that you make a declaration of affection to someone that you're not going to be into long-term! But that's not so likely; your warmth is heartfelt, and you can't go wrong in letting someone know you like them.

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