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Mercury conjunct Uranus

A method to your madness

Kelli Fox

Wow -- you're in a funny, strange state of mind, and the most unusual qualities of your personality will come to the fore at this time. If you contact that special someone, will they be able to handle all the weird and wonderful, unexpected things that you'll say? Well, that depends on them, and remains to be seen.

One thing is sure: you won't be satisfied with connecting on any level that's mundane. Idle chitchat about your day jobs? No way! Unless your potential sweetie has a strange and exciting job, like working on a SWAT team. Pleasantly dull conversation about your likes and dislikes? No, thank you! You want creative conversation, and you'll do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if that means sparking up your date with wacky, zany jokes or poking fun at them just to get them to react. In general, though, there will be a method to your madness during this transit. You'll be very innovative in coming up with dates; no dinner-and-a-movie for you, no way. You want to connect with someone unique in a way that you've never connected before, and this period offers you the perfect opportunity.

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