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Mercury conjunct Sun

A talkative mood

Kelli Fox

You're in a jocular mood, ready to connect with just about anyone on a fun, lively level. The emails or text messages you send, the phone calls you make, all will be infused with this bright, fun energy. You'll impress people with your chatty, talkative bent, your ability to express yourself, and you'll definitely be able to translate who you are and what you're looking for to someone new.

This is a good period to reach out to someone, because you're really wanting to connect. This transit lasts about one week, so definitely take advantage of it. If you've already been getting to know someone special, this is a great time to seal the deal. Write them a love letter or an email, telling them how you feel about them and how you see your future together. If someone new has just caught your eye, ask them out for coffee. Don't be surprised if you stay late enough to close the place down, because you'll get lost in conversation together! And hey -- if it doesn't work out, that's a good thing, because it means you communicated yourself and your desires well enough to be understood. You'll be able to pick yourself right up and move on to the next likely prospect.

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