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Mercury conjunct Pluto

What makes them tick

Kelli Fox

Surface-level chitchat and flirtations just won't appeal to you during this 10-day transit, which is all about intensity. You don't want to communicate at a lighthearted level; you want to get deep with someone special, and plumb their depths to find out exactly what makes them tick. The only problem is, people might not want you to probe so deeply and personally when you don't even know them.

You might ask them questions that seem interesting to you, but they're actually offensive to your potential sweetie. You'll want to know all about their past romantic relationships, their relationships with their parents, their insecurities and their hang-ups regarding love and more. Someone who's just met you might not want to lay all their cards out on the table like that, at least not yet, so if your date pulls back from you, let them. After all, you're highly perceptive now anyway; you can probably learn a lot about them just by paying attention to their signals, both the overt and the subtler ones. You've got a mind for mystery at this time, in fact, so that might be the better way to get to know someone anyway.

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