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Mercury conjunct Neptune

A sensitive mind

Kelli Fox

Some people just aren't good at dating; they get all mixed up and nervous when faced with someone new, and make a bad impression when really they're a fine person, and very much worthy of love. Anyone who's like that would be lucky to go out with you at this time, because you'll see past their stuttering, their sweaty palms and their inane conversation to the real person beneath. You might be moved during this two-week period to write love sonnets about the object of your affections, or to read poetry that focuses on the heart and its mysterious workings.

You're able to connect intuitively at this time, so use your highly emotional mental powers to reach out to someone and get to know who they really are, heart and mind. The only danger with this transit is that you'll idealize someone, but that will just come from looking so intently into their heart. You'll be able to see all their good intentions instead of getting caught up in the outer details. You might make a really dreamy romantic connection during this period; just don't be surprised if your object of affections turns out somewhat different from whom you initially thought they were.

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