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Mercury conjunct Mars

Nervous energy

Kelli Fox

Any romantic connection you make during this week-plus period will be a meeting of the minds -- and bodies! How well you'll actually get along with that special someone remains to be seen, and it might depend on how well they can deal with your high energy and excitable nature! Even if you're normally laid back or even quiet or reserved, you're breaking out of your shell during this transit.

You won't be afraid to speak your mind, so if you get together with someone new, you could either have a great time discussing things and even getting into a friendly debate or two... Or you could really annoy them by being abrupt, or with your seeming tendency to jump on everything about them that's different from you and analyze it or discuss it to death! This really could go either way, and it all depends on the person you reach out to. Do try to be sensitive to social cues at this time; if you go out with someone or talk to them on the phone and you start to sense that they're drawing away from you or getting annoyed, take it as a sign that you're coming across as combative, or just too high-energy for the moment.

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