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Mercury conjunct Juno

Weeding out the unlikely prospects

Kelli Fox

Mental stimulation is a must for you when thinking about what you want in a long-term lover. You're looking not necessarily for your intellectual twin, but at least an equal -- someone who can serve it up as good as you serve it, who can challenge your mind and open you up to ideas you wouldn't have dreamed of on your own. This transit, which lasts less than two weeks, is a good time to reach out to someone on that level, because anyone you're attracted to now is likely to surprise you with the way their mind works.

You'll be delighted to find that you communicate really well with that special someone, from the very first email or phone call. You're especially able to put your needs and desires into words. You won't beat around the bush when it comes to discussing your views of relationships and what you're looking for in a lover. You're not afraid of turning someone off if you're too honest about what you want; you're more interested in weeding out the unlikely prospects from the likelier ones, so that you can move forward in the process of finding your match.

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