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Mars trine Venus

Potential for a physical connection

Kelli Fox

This transit highlights your sexual energy, but in a smooth and calm way. If there's no one special in your life or on the horizon right now, you're okay with that; you're not going to run out and get a date just to find some physical self-expression. But if there is someone you've been flirting with or getting to know better, this three-week period could mark the time when you'll step your relationship up to the next level.

That might mean just holding hands, which can be really hot! Or it might mean something more. Whatever level you're at with someone, don't be surprised if your relationship fast-forwards just a bit now. You're feeling sexy and attractive, and just good and energetic, ready to connect. But again, even if you don't connect with anyone romantically during this time, that will be okay with you. You'll know how to divert your energy into something creative. You could write a short story, paint a picture or just get out into nature, to appreciate the bounty of life around you. You've got plenty of energy, but you're calm at your center. Whatever comes, you'll be happy with it, and you'll meet it actively, head-on.

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