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Mars trine Sun

Step it up

Kelli Fox

You're feeling so vitally confident during this transit that it's the perfect time to initiate contact with that special someone you've been eyeballing, but the energy of this influence is even more conducive to putting your time into something you've already started. Have you been getting to know a potential sweetie? Then ask them out now.

They're sure to respond to your energetic, sexy confidence and your up-for-anything attitude. A fun date for you at this time would be something active -- either playing a game or a sport together, or at least going someplace together where you can walk while you talk. You're very much in touch with your opinions and values now, and you're willing to talk about them in an open and animated way that won't offend anyone, but that will clearly represent who you are and what you stand for. And what better way to let that special someone get to know you better? The only way they would be turned off by your forwardness is if they're not looking for a mate who has so much personality as you do! If that's the case, then good riddance. However, it's much more likely that you'll have a great time and make a strong connection at this time.

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