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Mars trine Saturn

A very worthy goal

Kelli Fox

If you go out with someone new or start a flirtation during the three weeks of this transit, don't expect to go crazy over each other and elope after three days (which is a good thing). Instead, you can expect to enjoy a very slow, steady getting-to-know-you period in which you might not be giddy with excitement over your new romance, but you'll have something much better -- a calm assurance that this is going somewhere good, at a pace that you can handle. After all, feelings of infatuation or love at first sight can cause people to do stupid things, like making a commitment before they even know the person they're committing to.

You aren't likely to do anything rash like that during this transit. You've got a good sense of timing, and a willingness to do what it takes to make that connection. You're realistic about love, and about your needs in a romantic relationship, which means you can be much more practical and efficient about getting your needs met. You're not expecting to find The One; instead, you've got your sights set on finding someone that you can love, respect and be attracted to, and that's a very worthy goal.

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