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Mars trine Neptune

Meeting your potential sweetie's needs

Kelli Fox

You'll have a calm, sweet few weeks with this transit. You might not feel like doing much, and that's okay. You don't have to be active to have a good time; you'll be perfectly satisfied with some good food, good company, maybe a good movie or two and some good naps!

That's just the kind of mood you're in -- watching romantic movies on TV and falling asleep during the credits. If you have a special someone to join you, then so much the better. You're intuitive now, and you'll be able to tune right in to a potential sweetie. You're not overly concerned with yourself, your own ego or your own needs and desires at this time, so you'll spend more time listening to that special someone than talking about yourself. And that's fine too. The only warning for this transit is, try not to get on some kind of ego trip where you start to think of yourself as just oh-so-selfless, basically martyring yourself because of a momentary lack of ego! Remember, this period will pass soon and then you'll be a big needy mess again, just like the rest of the world. So use this period to have a nice time with someone special, and don't trip out on yourself.

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