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Mars trine Mars

Going for the gold

Kelli Fox

You're willing to go after the object of your desires in a focused and assertive way, but you won't get too aggressive and push away that special someone. During this three-week transit, you're feeling energetic, in tune with what you want and who you're attracted to, but you're still mindful of boundaries and limits. You're not going to come on too strong -- just strong enough!

If you want to let someone know you're into them, that's great, because it will probably have a good outcome. Even if nothing happens between you and this person immediately, you can rest easy knowing that you've laid a great foundation for a relationship in the future. After all, timing is a big part of successful relationships, and just because you're in the right frame of mind to get something going, it doesn't mean your potential sweetie is equally ready and willing. But who knows? You could express your attraction now and they'll take you up on the offer sometime in the near future. You just never know, and right now, that's fine with you. But chances are good that if you go for someone now, they'll go for you too. So make it happen.

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