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Mars trine Jupiter

Time to take a chance

Kelli Fox

You might look back on this transit at the end of its three weeks and think, Wow -- what a lucky influence! It's not so much luck at work as your own high energy and your willingness to make things happen. This is as good a time as any to take a chance on love, because the universe is aligned for good things to happen when you take an active hand in your own development.

And relationships are a catalyst for growth, right? Your whole life should be about growth and progress, and this transit should put you further along on your personal path. You might make a fun connection with somebody special, or you might just go out and have a great time flirting and getting to know people. Either way is great -- as long as you're not staying home alone, sitting on the couch while life passes you by! However, that's not likely to happen, because you're in no mood to be a homebody. You're very in touch at this time with your romantic needs, so you're more able than usual to get them fulfilled. You're optimistic, rather than being weighed down or held back by pessimism. So get out there, have a good time and make that connection.

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