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Mars trine Juno

All the right notes

Kelli Fox

You know just how to treat that special someone during this transit -- just how to flirt with them, how to listen, how to tell them about yourself in a way that's interesting and intriguing but not self-absorbed or overbearing. You're hitting all the right notes now, and you'll probably make some major steps toward your goal -- a long-term, lasting love. Anyone you're attracted to during this three-week period is probably worth your time and effort, because you're tuned in, and you won't waste time on anyone who's going to waste yours.

Basically, you've got a really intuitive sense now of which direction you need to head in to find that special someone. You know what steps to take and you're ready and willing to take them. Any problems you might normally have in dating, like insecurities or reservations, won't be a problem at this time. You're full of a calm confidence, a charisma that won't come across as arrogance. So make the most of this beneficial energy, because this transit only comes around once a year. This is your time to shine like a beacon and attract that special someone to you, and to pursue them in a way that feels natural and right.

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