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Mars square Venus

Heightened desires

Kelli Fox

If you've been getting to know someone special, you could suddenly start to feel as if you're putting too much into the flirtation and not getting enough out of it. If that happens, you might start wanting a lot more satisfaction from your potential sweetie, which could cause friction between you, to say the least. Or, the exact opposite might happen -- maybe you've been a bit selfish in your pursuit of that special someone, and they're starting to feel like their needs have been unreasonably neglected.

This transit lasts about three weeks, and although it won't necessarily lead to arguments, it will signify a need to have a talk of some kind with your potential honey about what you both expect from a relationship and what you're willing to give. If there's no one special in your life at this time, you might become attracted to someone during this period that makes you feel as if your romantic needs aren't being met. There could be a lot of sexual tension between you and this person, but the tension could be more prevalent than any sexy feeling. In general, though, you're feeling sexual during this transit, full of needs that want an outlet -- and may or may not find it.

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