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Mars square Uranus

Running away from attachment

Kelli Fox

You're feeling restless and impulsive, and you could get into trouble during this transit, or at least do and say things you'll regret later. You might be tempted to break off an existing flirtation in favor of pursuing someone new, but you might find later that you were just attracted to the newness itself, and they're actually not someone you want to be involved with long-term. If all you want is a quick, heady fling, that's okay.

But in general, you've been looking for love, and this transit could cause a break that you don't expect or even want. Of course, if you need a change, to break out of a rut you've been in on the dating scene, this transit offers you the perfect opportunity to do just that. But the positive potential of this transit is limited, while the troublesome effects are much more likely. If you go out with someone at this time, you'll probably come across as detached and uncaring -- or you could subconsciously be attracted to someone who will be that way toward you. You're also easily angered during this time, and you'll argue with anyone whom you feel is trying to hold you down, including that sweetie who's just trying to get to know you.

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